How do I create a poll?

Create stunning polls with EX.CO Platform.

Polls are a great way to discover what your customers and readers are really thinking or feeling about something. 

Creating them is super simple. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Go to the Creator and select the Poll tool.


Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 10.31.16

Step 2: Write your question and the relevant answer choices.


Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 14.33.36

Pro Tip: You can also make the answers more visual with images - upload your own or access to the Getty Image library. Simply select the round circle icon below the question text.

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 14.35.31

Step 3: Next, include a header image, and crop it to an appropriate size.

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 14.41.41

Pro Tip: If you prefer, you can use this image as a background.

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 11.06.37

Optional Step 4: If you want to provide more information about the answer or simply add a CTA, you can create an end card. Don't forget to attach the end card(s) to the right answer(s).

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 10.11.13

Pro Tip: You can also change the colour theme of the entire experience.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 10.11.20

Don't forget to attach the end card to the right answer

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 14.22.24

Pro Tip: There are additional settings you can change if you click  the gear icon  in the top right. 

This includes using the data from polls to trigger a custom code or create audience segments. Read how to do that here.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 14.23.22

And you’re all set! Hope you enjoyed this guide on how to create a poll on the EX.CO Platform. 

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