How can I write a great quiz?

Invite your readers to answer several questions about their interests, habits or preferences so they can discover a personality-driven result or recommendation.


Come up with a compelling and descriptive title - something which gives the user a clear picture of the quiz they’re going to take, examples include

Build Your Perfect Makeup Bag And We’ll Give You A Whole New Look
Which Character From GoT Are You Based On Your Opinions?
What Shape Tiffany Diamond Would You Be?
This Lifestyle Quiz Can Predict Your Dream 2021 Holiday


Once you’ve got your title, jump straight into writing out the results. Choose the results and an appropriate image, and then allocate a personality archetype to each result, however helps you structure your thinking best. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 12.12.35

The characteristics have to make sense next to the personality result - even if the quiz is something like “Which plant are you?”, the personality traits need to be recognisable in popular consciousness: 
  • You’re a tough one, but there’s nothing more you love than soaking up the sun - just like a cactus
  • Like a Dracaena, you're kind of easy-going and messy in a fashionable way 
  • You're hard to get to know, like a Calathea, but once you're through the adjustment period, you're a friend for life. 

Results are an opportunity for your creativity - and brand messaging - to shine, but if you’re stuck, here’s a quick hack:

Results hack

Group three characteristics, two adjacent and one complementary / opposite together, like Thrill-seeking, Competitive + Good Heart. 

This lends itself naturally to standard quiz results like "You're addicted to adrenaline and competitive to the very core - but that doesn't mean you're not in the race for the right reasons." 

You don't have to do it this way but it's one way to construct your results. The key thing here is to make sure the results are a recognisable - and complimentary - assessment of a personality. 

An example: 

Are you more cat or dog?

Cat -  introverted, indoorsy, form strong attachments

Dog - energetic, people person, love the great outdoors. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 12.16.40


You’re a dog, through and through. You’re a classic extrovert, you love being around people, making new friends - and you light up every room that you’re in. You might have a desk job or live in the city, but you’re happiest in the great outdoors. 

Quiz Questions Recommendations

  • We recommend between 5-7 questions.
  • The questions should offer a range of experiences - this means that you’re not asking six consecutive opinion questions. These can include, facts, preference, self-reflection, What Would You Do, color based, picture observation and more. 
  • You should include a variety of picture and text based answers. 
  • Each question should be individually interesting to answer

Quiz Question / Answers

Each answer has to be associated with a result - this is why you have to write the results first. 

For each question, reverse engineer an answer from the resulting personality you’ve written, rather than writing a number of answers and trying to fit each result into whatever you’ve written. 

For example: 

Q: You’re at a party, where are you standing?
A: Middle of the room, centre of attention (Dog)
A: Off to one side having an intense conversation with someone (Cat) 

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 12.21.36

Brand Inclusion

There’s a number of ways your brand can be folded in: through design and images, in the introductory paragraph, in the final paragraph, or - dependent on the content topic - referred to throughout.

Quiz Results

Usually, there’s a sentence on the personality result for the user, then a link to the product that’s being sold. 

There can either be straightforward brand messaging

“Catwalk is a charming documentary follows the exploits of some very feline-friendly folks as they strive to get their kitties crowned Canada's top cat. Stream now.”

Or bespoke brand messaging that links to the personality result written:

“Snuggle up with your fellow felines in Netflix newest documentary, Catwalk.” 

Don't forget to include a CTA button if your main KPI is conversions


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