How to publish your item

There are 2 ways to publish the content you created with EX.CO platform:

  1. Copy URL link – Will give you the option to share the item by sending the URL to people you want to view this item or by sharing it on social media.
  2. Embed code in an HTML page – Will enable you to implement the content you created as  part of your website. You will just need to add  the embed script to the HTML code of your webpage.


1. Copy URL link:

  • After you finish creating your item click on 'Next' button.

  • Now you are in the “preview” tab, click on 'Next' button again if you are finish with editing your item to proceed to the "publish" step.

  • In the "publish" step, click on the "Copy URL" to copy your item URL link and then paste your URL to a new tab then you will be able to see the Item you created (Hosted by EX.CO URL)
  • Share the item URL with your audience in any social platform or just send it via email or SMS.