How to Create Beautiful Images with the Image Editor

The image editor offers a rich template gallery with advanced image editing and customization tools to serve all your content needs.

Step 1:  To access the image editor, click the ‘Image’ icon in the EX.CO Creator. 

Alternatively, you can also access the image experience tool when adding new experiences to existing items.

Step 2: Once you’ve clicked the image experience, a gallery will appear allowing you to choose a layout from a variety of image templates.

Step 3: After choosing a template, you will be directed to the image editor. On this screen, you’ll be able to upload your own image by clicking the 'replace' icon on the toolbar. 

Step 4: Search for the best images on Getty Images or upload your own image assets. 

Once you’ve selected your image, it will automatically replace the template image while keeping the cropping and sizing of the template.

Step 5: Change the template style at any time by clicking the ‘Change Style’ icon on the toolbar. 

Pro Content Tip! Duplicate the Image experience and try out different designs to see which image your audiences engage with to best. 


Step 6: Crop your image by clicking the ‘Crop’ icon on the toolbar. Select your desired image crop and ratio from the options available. Once you’re done, click the check icon to save your work. 

Step 7: Change and adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and blurriness of your image by clicking the ‘Filters’ icon on the toolbar. 

Step 8: Finally, add text elements to your image by clicking the ‘Text’ icon on the toolbar. 

A toolbar will pop-up with options for you to edit your font type, size, color, style, alignment and indentation. 


And you’re all set! Hope you enjoyed this guide on how to use the image editor on the EX.CO Platform. Read more of our how to guides here.