How to create a variants test

In this article we will review the ways to create a test for an item that you published.

After you created and published your item on EX.CO you can easily create another variant of the item you created and change the way each variant looks like and the content within each variant.

We will evenly split the traffic for you item between the 2 variations that you created and you will not need to change the embed code or the item URL you already use.

How to create the test

There are 2 ways to create a variants test on EX.CO platform

1. From 'publish' step --> click on the 'create a test'

2. From 'my item' list --> click on the 'create test' icon on the specific item you want to create another variant for.


Once you clicked on the 'create a test' button, a new variant (B) will be created to your item and you will be redirected to the editor to start editing variant B.

You can easily edit and preview each one of the variants you created by clicking on the top variants bar and switch between the variants.


Once you edited the new variants you can go to the publish step to publish the new variant. Don't worry, you don't need to replace the embed code or the item URL you already used as we did this job for you.


Once you publish your test you will see a "2 variants" label on the specific item that indicate that you have a live test running on this item.


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