Welcome to EX.CO

We’re glad to have you on board. To help you get started on the EX.CO Platform, we’ve prepared a series of articles for you. In this first article, we’ll provide an overview of who we are and what we do.

What is EX.CO?

EX.CO is a tech platform used by businesses and publishers worldwide to turn their content into an engaging experience. Founded in 2012, our belief has always been that content should make an impact and deliver results.

The EX.CO Platform enables partners to create their best performing content that engages audiences, generates leads and provides meaningful insights about their audience for targeting and segmentation.

EX.CO Channels is a video unit for publishers that serves as a second screen experience on every page of the publisher’s website, featuring custom created or dynamically generated content.

What can you do with EX.CO?

 Who uses EX.CO?

Links to get you started on the EX.CO Platform:

  1. How Do I Use Templates on EX.CO?
  2. How To Embed Content
  3. How To Create Items Using The EX.CO WordPress Plugin

That’s all for now! All the best with creating irresistible content on the EX.CO Platform!