Navigate your way around EX.CO

The EX.CO Platform is divided into several sections. Important sections to take note of when navigating your way around the platform include:

  • Settings: Clicking the drop-down arrow on your profile image will direct you to your user profiles and Settings Page where you can view and edit your profile, default font styles and billing information (if applicable)



  • My Items: Clicking on My Items will lead you to your dashboard  where all your EX.CO-powered content  is  located. You can then : view, create, edit, embed, analyze and delete any of your  content items. 

  • Templates: Clicking on Templates will lead you to the Templates Gallery where you can browse through a variety of templates to help you get off the ground and easily create content that is optimized for the best performance.

Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 11.24.03 PM

  • Analytics: Clicking on the Analytics button on your content items will lead you to detailed statistics on all your EX.CO-powered  items.  You can view the all-time stats, insights and a breakdown of  how your items performed , which one was your most successful item according to performance, dwell time, etc.




  • Channels: If you have access to Channels by EX.CO,  our in-stream video monetization solution , clicking on Channels  will lead you to the Channels Portal, a dashboard that gathers performance, content and administrative data. 


That’s all for now! We hope you found this article helpful. Do reach out to us at if you have any feedback or inquiries on how we can help you create your best content yet.