How to embed EX.CO-powered content onto my website

If you want to embed the items you created on the EX.CO Platform as part of your website, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Publish your content

  • Once you’ve completed the ‘Edit’ and ‘Preview’ stages in the content creation process, click on the 'Next' button to proceed to the ‘Publish’ step. 

Step 2: Copy your unique code

  • In the ‘Publish’ step, click on the ‘Copy Code’ button to copy your item script.

Step 3: Embed code in an HTML page

Paste the embed code into your webpage HTML (not in the header tag). When you publish your site, you’ll see the EX.CO item on your webpage. (The below example shows how the item embed was implemented under <span> and <p> tags.)

Additionally, you can also get the Embed Code or the URL after you publish an Item:

If you would like to get the embed code or the item URL for an item that was created in the past you can visit your item dashboard and click on the 'edit' button to view the "Publish" step again.

Or you can also click on the 3 dots menu to quickly copy your embed code again 

That’s it! That’s how you embed your EX.CO-powered content seamlessly on your website.