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How do I use EX.CO integrations?

Integrate your EX.CO content with third party marketing software like Hubspot, CRM platforms like Salesforce or custom code.

The Integration Center can be used once you've published an item on the platform. In this last step, you can add your integration preference and get more value from the EX.CO Platform by connecting between EX.CO and your customer management and marketing tools (e.g. Hubspot, Facebook, Salesforce)

What can be connected to EX.CO experiences

  1. Marketing Automation tools - Hubspot, Marketo, Mailchimp(coming soon) etc.
  2. Tracking - Google Analytics and Facebook pixel
  3. CRM platforms - Salesforce, Zendesk (coming soon) etc.
  4. DMP and CDP - data management platforms such as salesforce DM, OnAudience etc.
  5. Events bridge - Implement an event listener on your webpage to collect all the events powered by EX.CO experience (not including PII), so later you can send this Data to any type of platform you used.
  6. Custom code - You can trigger any HTML script once specific event is triggered when the user interact with your EX.CO experince.
  7. Others - such as Google Sheets and Airtable (coming soon)


1. Marketing Automation

This Integration Center option enables your to better segment your users, collect leads and trigger emails/chats/sms according to how your user interacts with an EX.CO experience.

Platforms: Hubspot (available now), Marketo, Mailchimp (coming soon)

Example: If your user submits a lead form from an EX.CO Platform item, that lead’s contact details can be automatically generated in a new entry on Hubspot.

From there, you can understand your buyer personas better, segment those new leads and send more relevant marketing comms.

Another useful example of this integration is for an event invite built on the EX.CO Platform. All RSVPs would be automatically connected to Hubspot, so teams can send out reminder emails and event links to appropriate leads via Hubspot.


2. Tracking - Google and Facebook

With this integration function, you will be able to send a user’s activity in an EX.CO item to Google Analytics and Facebook to better measure and analyze user behavior and answers.

To do so, you will first need to choose the specific event you want to trigger the pixel on and then add a HTML pixel script including the UA number, and have a basic understanding of Facebook/Google Analytics pixels.

1. Select the specific EX.CO event category and interaction name (i.e. when user select answer number on a question number 1 on a quiz)

2. Enter your Pixel script that will be triggered in the selected event in above step

You will be able to view item engagement activities in your analytics tool and add more privacy-safe data points such device, geo etc. However, no personal info like device id will be possible.

Read more about how to integrate using HTML Script here.


3. CRM Platforms (COMING SOON)

If you integrate with your CRM platform, you can automatically create new customer profiles with the rich data on your users' preferences taken from interactions on EX.CO experiences. 

You'll be able to create actionable segments and contact your users in a more personalized way. 

Example: If your user selects the answer on a poll which indicates that they're struggling with X problem, you can reach out to them with your product's solution to that problem.

This integration won't let you enrich existing user data unless you ask your users to input a unique identifier (customer ID, user email) into an EX.CO leadform.

If you want to enrich existing user data without asking the user for a unique identifier you will need to use the action bridge mechanism.

4. DMP and CDP

Send EX.CO events to your data and customer data platforms to get insightful data on your clients that will help you better segment your audience.

Contact us for more information 


5. Events bridge

You can implement an event listener code on your pages. Once an Item Listener Code is implemented, the item will send each of the user’s actions from the embedded EX.CO Item. This will enable you to connect a specific user identifier to a specific EX.CO Item event and send it to any CRM or Marketing team you use. (require development effort)

Read more about this here.

6. Custom code

You can run your own scripts according to user interactions with an EX.CO item. This means that various actions that correspond to a user’s choices in an EX.CO Item can can trigger various reactions.  

Examples: You can trigger a popup once users complete a quiz / Allow users who complete a quick survey to collect gaming coins / Send prizes to users who answer a trivia correctly, etc. 

How to:

  1. Create new item →Publish item →  Integrate step → add new custom code
  2. Add custom code name. 
    You can name the code in order to identify it later 
  3. Select relevant EX.CO item
    Select the relevant item you want to trigger the code 
  4. Select action  
    There is a list of available actions for story (item load, story engagement) or experience actions (answer selected, result view, CTA click)
  5. Advanced setting (optional) -
    Define a list of URLs which you want/don’t want to trigger the script
  6. Enter the script (HTML only). 
    If you try to enter invalid HTML code he will get an error.
  7. View/edit /delete
    Do this to the list of configured actions if relevant

6. Others - Google Sheets / Airtable (COMING SOON)

Any questions? Contact us at newpartners@ex.co 

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